Speech Privacy & Sound Masking Systems

    In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, businesses are continuously looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce overhead, and retain productive employees. Tamberlane's Speech Privacy Systems can give you an added edge by helping your workers become more productive, happier and less stressed.

    Your open-office plan provides many significant benefits, but such benefits do come at a cost. It’s probably no surprise to hear that the conversational distractions inherent in any open-plan office make your workers less productive, but did you realize how much an absence of speech privacy can cost?

    Tamberlane is a dealer for Speech Privacy Systems providing cutting-edge sound masking systems to maximize the ROI of your office plan.

What Is "Sound Masking"?

    Sound masking is based on the phenomenon that when "low level background noise" is added to an environment, intruding speech and noises are less intelligible. The term "white noise" is widely used when referring to speech privacy or sound masking systems, although these systems don't actually use white noise.

    The technology behind sound masking systems came out of the realization by scientists and engineers that oral privacy is actually a simple matter of making speech unintelligible. That is, if each of us can't understand what the other is saying, we effectively have established oral privacy - even though we may still be able to see and, to some extent, hear each other.

    Sound masking systems fill in the sound spectrum around you with barely perceptible low level noise, so that speech is rendered unintelligible. It's actually designed to sound like typical office air conditioning noise, so that you won't notice it. In other words, it's a gentle "whooshing" sound.

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