Investigative Services

    Below is a summary of the investigative services offered by The Tamberlane Co., Inc. Please contact us for more details, pricing, and other information on these or other services you're seeking. Tamberlane is internationally networked to investigators and other agencies providing a one-stop resource for all of your investigative needs.

Legal Investigations

  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Defense Litigation
  • Accident & Personal Injury
  • Undercover / Internal Operations
  • Product Security Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Asset Investigations
  • Process Service
  • Interviews
  • Surveillances

  • Pre-Employment / Employment
  • Criminal & Civil Records
  • Driving & Vehicle Records
  • Public Records Research
  • Interviews
Skip Tracing & Locates

  • Subjects
  • Witnesses
  • Defendants
  • Missing Persons
  • Businesses
  • Corp. Officers & Directors
  • Assets

  • Field investigations (legal support) providing video & photo documentation using specially equipped vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft.
  • TSCM (Electronic CounterIntelligence) Surveys
  • Business / Corporate Theft & Fraud Insurance
  • Fraud (Workers' Comp & Plaintiff Injury)
  • Domestic Infidelity
Undercover Operations

  • Tamberlane can place well-trained undercover agents in your business to work as employees.

    These agents report on and/or detect theft, drug use/sales, employee dissatisfication, employee dishonesty, safety violations, and more.

  • Threat Analysis
  • Target-Subject Assessment
  • TSCM Sweeps
    - External & Internal
    - Passive / Active TSCM
    - Physical Analysis
  • Specialized Products and Services
  • Consulting
  • Speech Privacy Systems
GPS Tracking Systems

Want to catch a cheating spouse, monitor a teen's driving, or check employees driving your vehicles? For over 17 years, we have used GPS tracking systems to find out the answers to these questions and a lot more...

"It's like having your own Private Investigator for a fraction of the cost of physical surveillance." For years, as a detective agency, we have used covert GPS systems to find out answers to clients’ concerns. It's simple... Want to find out where the subject vehicle is going, simply put on a GPS and let it monitor the vehicle’s activities. They are easy to use and are fantastic surveillance tools enabling one to track any manner of vehicle anywhere in the United States.

Want to find out what your significant other is doing, your teen, employees, fleet vehicles, and / or locate a stolen piece of equipment? These GPS systems provide an inexpensive and instant answer to a vehicle's activities. Accuracy is within 2.5 meters of the vehicle location with real-time updated data every second. With this information, users can accurately determine where a vehicle (person) traveled, how fast they drove, where they stopped, and for how long they stayed there.

There are basically three types of covert GPS systems:

  • The Passive / Logger GPS - Stores the driving history for a later computer download.
  • The Active / Real-time GPS - Instantly view on your computer the vehicle as it's driving.
  • Fleet Management GPS systems - GPS fleet operations for 2 to 1,000+ vehicles.

We use and / or offer for sale any of the above GPS systems.

GPS - The perfect surveillance answer.
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