Corporate, Private, and Governmental CounterIntelligence

    Espionage is the theft of proprietary information, trade secrets, and "know how" by illegal and clandestine methods and means. Commercial / corporate, or governmental espionage is the pilferage of business secrets and proprietary information. In 1996, Congress passed the Economic Espionage Act making it a crime to steal trade secrets from U.S. companies.

    CounterIntelligence is any activity initiated, or information gathered, in order to prevent, block, obstruct, impede, or restrain any espionage, sabotage, or other intelligence collection efforts performed by, or on behalf of, foreign governments, industries, organizations, or persons.

    Espionage in the U.S. today is a multi-billion dollar business occurring in every major city.

    According to an FBI survey, computer espionage and related crimes cost Kansas City area companies more than $39 million in 2014 alone.

    Tamberlane CounterIntelligence's mission is to assist corporations and business entities in protecting their proprietary information, "making life as difficult and dangerous as possible" for the espionage practitioner. Tamberlane C.I. is rated as a TSCM Level-5 electronic countermeasures service.

    We offer consulting of threat analysis and target-subject assessment in addition to technical surveillance, countermeasures (external & internal/passive-active TSCM and physical analysis) plus special products and services. Contact us or click here for TSCM Information.

    Centrally located in Kansas City, Tamberlane CounterIntelligence teams have prosecuted comprehensive TSCM eavesdropping investigations for corporations and businesses, large and small, throughout the central U.S.

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